Kolkata – The Place for Rich Traveling Expeerience

My home city is Kolkata, obvious my love towards it is little bit more. But, this is true that you can feel the joy once you take your entry to the city. Culture, tradition and humanity all those things are something that you find in Kolkata.

You have your tickets booked, then surely you are going to witness some amazing times. You should spend your time in the Garer Math and how you can forget to taste Phuchka (Golgappa). Surely tourist spots like Victoria Memorial Hall, Eden Gardens, Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Howrah Bridge and more should be the placed you should explore. But, Hooghly Bridge at the time of Sunset, College Street Coffee House for enjoying the time and feel the real Kolkata, should be something you need to enlist in your traveling book for having some awesome time.

Don’t forget to witness to be the part of the cultural activities. The places like NandanGirish Mancha and more where the cultural people join there hands for making an evening full of drama, music, dance. So, the real face of that part should be something that give you the feeling how much rich we all Indians are. We have the real gems with us, no one is able to get that back from ourselves. Your tour will get the right ending when these will be witnessed. 

How foolish I am! You go to Kolkata and I am not talking about any food. From sweets to vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are just awesome and when you relish the same, the flavors surely enhance to eat more. You should try the arsenal biryani and also give your visit to the Aaheli – Authentic Bengali Cuisine Restaurant, The Bhoj Company for having the best Bengali food.

Once, all  those things will be witnessed properly, your journey towards the city will get the real experience. If you manage to get more times, then Digha, Sunderbans along with the same Historical Place like Murshidabad, Malda, you should enlist in your travel plan. These place will create more wow feelings to your travelling diary. Always remember that Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal, so the state has more to offer. Believe that these input you to make the plan perfect. Enjoy your trip and if you want to know more from me, then just leave your comments, I will be happy to assist you.




Author: lovablexperience

Traveler, Fun lover, Adventurous

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