Weekend Comes & Gives the Best Memories

Delhi is the city where life gives you the offer of the tight schedule, gives lessons how to run first. At the same time, when Saturday & Sunday reaches to your door, you get the wonder how this phase remains untouched for these long days. Yes, the same feeling I get from yesterday when we all made a day out and enjoy our meal at Andhra Bhavan. Surely, this is organized by our bong team and the meal has everything that relishes our taste buds. 


The plate has many things to offer and the best part is that they are there always to offer you more. Their style of cooking reminds me the day of my south trips and here they are perfect in the offerings.


As stomach gets the happiness, we lead towards the Presidential House. This is the security zone but at the same time some pictures we managed to click. Undoubtedly, through the same, we capture the moments for a lifetime and those inspire us to arrange the night-out again and enjoy the various states’ flavor.



After that, we still manage to take our ice-cream treat. Spending time at India Gate and enjoying various games with every age groups starting from 0 years to 80 years is something that can’t be described through words, that is a feeling and I enjoy most. Surely, it enhances the hunger to spend the weekend like this and bag the best feeling. 


Author: lovablexperience

Traveler, Fun lover, Adventurous

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