Weekend Comes & Gives the Best Memories

Delhi is the city where life gives you the offer of the tight schedule, gives lessons how to run first. At the same time, when Saturday & Sunday reaches to your door, you get the wonder how this phase remains untouched for these long days. Yes, the same feeling I get from yesterday when we all made a day out and enjoy our meal at Andhra Bhavan. Surely, this is organized by our bong team and the meal has everything that relishes our taste buds. 


The plate has many things to offer and the best part is that they are there always to offer you more. Their style of cooking reminds me the day of my south trips and here they are perfect in the offerings.


As stomach gets the happiness, we lead towards the Presidential House. This is the security zone but at the same time some pictures we managed to click. Undoubtedly, through the same, we capture the moments for a lifetime and those inspire us to arrange the night-out again and enjoy the various states’ flavor.



After that, we still manage to take our ice-cream treat. Spending time at India Gate and enjoying various games with every age groups starting from 0 years to 80 years is something that can’t be described through words, that is a feeling and I enjoy most. Surely, it enhances the hunger to spend the weekend like this and bag the best feeling. 


Puja hopping, Fun, Food & more

Durga Puja in Kolkata is the synonyms of food, friends, adda and surely pandal hopping. Days are just about to reach and my excitement is on the high. After years, I will live my puja days just like the way of my childhood. It is the thrilling I can’t express by my words. If you still not witness this, then do it first. Overcrowded streets, blinding lights, explosion of sounds – Kolkata’s Durga puja is just fatafati (awesome). It is more likely the world festival. Pack your bags and here the list what you should not miss as the part of your puja hopping:
  • Ekdalia Evergreen Durga Pujo Club
  • Kumartali Park
  • Lake Town Adhibasi Brinda
  • Santosh Mitra square
  • Shubodh Mallik square
  • MD Ali parkCollege Square, Simla Byayam Samiti and 37 Palli
  • College SquareSimla Byayam Samiti and 37 Palli
  • Simla Byayam Samiti 37 Palli
  • 37 Pally

Durga Puja: Time to Plan for Kolkata

The flavor you get in this time at the time of visiting Kolkata, you can’t find it anywhere in the world. Yes! I mean my words fully.  The culture, food, creativity, dedication and more, you find in the city of joy that can’t be found anywhere in the world.

The sculptures to expertise you find here that is not the one-day outcome, it needs months for such presentation. In 2017, you find the various theme including Maa wearing gold saree and more. Be there, days before, enjoy the idol making, pandal hopping, Bari puja to Immersion of Durga Idols. So, Don’t need to wait for more, pack your bag, book your ticket and see how good one city can be and what more you get.

Local foods are also very much tempting. Be sure that you have new stylish clothes in your bag because tradition, style and more are perfectly combined all through the days, no restriction and boys and girls both give the strong competition to each other.

Udaipur – The City of Lakes & Palaces

Being a traveler, I love to see the combination of nature and how human being makes it richer. Yes! I found the same in Udaipur. The city is small but it has many shades on the offer. Whereas that is the City palace or Lake Pichola or Jagdish Temple, each has something unique in their offers. Don’t even miss the Shilpgram –  the artificial village. Rightly, this is awarded as Kashmir of Rajasthan.

The city is located around water lakes and is hemmed in by lush green hills of Aravallis. The beauty enhances when the famous Lake Palace, located in the middle of Lake Pichola and it becomes one of the most beautiful sights of Udaipur. If you believe the local people then this Jaisamand Lake, claimed to be the second largest man-made sweet water lake in Asia. The beautiful City Palace and Sajjangarh (Monsoon Palace) are the right definitions of architectural beauty and grandeur of the city. Shilpgram

Shilpgram is also the place where you can witness with the beautiful crafts and also bag the information about the culture and more. Give your visit and the magic shows to folk dances of the different states and their living style surely impress you a lot.

Food is also an attraction for me when I visit a new place. Believe me, Udaipur gets 5 out of 5 in that section as well as per my taste buds. And the way, they serve food, I just fall in love with the hospitality.

In a word, the world is beautiful and really my travel diary becomes just overwhelmed to be part of that.

Corbett During Monsoon: The Best Travel Idea

Corbett, the park offers you the best wild life. So, when you are thinking to go there and pull your legs in thinking of rain, then just forget all those and go ahead for exploring the beauty of nature. It can be possible the wild lover may disappoint as part remains close but nature lover has the heaven here. Trees to every thing just have been drenched and you love the beauty that you get from it. Surely, it sounds perfect to me at the time I was planning to go and packed my car.


As a traveler, I feel lucky myself that I stay in Delhi because wekkends are enough to go there and take a break from the usual routine. The entire road trip gives me more in the shape of nature and Dhabas take care of my tastes. So, believe me I feel the best that can’t be described through words but when you take the trip, you surely understand that how much excited I was.


First and most benefit that I earn through the visiting Corbett during monsoon is that the tourists can explore the park which is free from the rush. yes, you have heard it right, this time you find few people are roaming, so the enjoyment is just at its peak. The undisturbed excursion among the tranquil woods of the park and exploration of exotic flora and fauna species gratify the tourists like nothing other. Along with the same, I enjoy really the cut-rate and attractive packages that aren’t available during the months other than those of monsoon.


I can feel the new life in everything that rain renders. The water in lakes and ponds of the park fill up with the brim and animals get lots of water to quench their thirst. So, I am able to see more animals in their playful and vibrant mood. But, tigers are not in the mood to face me, so they just enjoy their home and I enjoy my vacation.


I enjoy different activities here as these are still on for the tourists during the rain as well. The activity of rafting is something that I really enjoy and during this time really like the Kosi River. Both elephant and jeep safari are something that you should not miss. In a word, the whole package comes to you in the best box and I really love this.


Therefore, the enjoyment and memories I gather those are just awesome and love to go there again for enjoying the natural treat to activities and more.


Kasauli – The Ideal Tourist Destination for the Travelers

Kasauli is the best dense woody destination for all travelers. You find it in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. Its natural appeal is just fantastic and in the attraction of that, travelers reach to this destination in numbers. The snow clad mountains, opaque forests and verdant foliage give the perfect beauty of this hill station.

It is at the distance of 287.9 KM from Delhi. I prefer to this place by driving the car and believe me the road of the 5 hours 27 minutes just go like a bullet train. I love the way nature represents himself. Really had a great time and when reaching to the hotel, it just welcomes with a big smile and scenic beauty simply wow, can’t be described through words.

Monkey Point is the highest peak of the town of Kasauli and the first destination of mine in that city. Really, after crossing many stairs, I reach to the place, just love it. I get a complete view of the plains of Chandigarh region and beauty of the river. The temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman is also part of that point and time really flies here.

Enjoying mall road is also a fun activity for me because many local people show their creativity in the shape of things. Explore those along with the local food makes my day really awesome.

Sunset Point & lover’s lane is also a place to explore. The very quiet spot gives you the experience of the sunset, pine-laid landscapes, valleys and sceneries. Nearby to the place, you find a path known as the Lover’s Lane. Seriously, spending time while walking through the valleys in something that enriches the experiences.

In a word, I spent the best times and capture the best moments in my life. Love to visit again.

Lonavala – Rain & Beauty

Rains are awesome to feel. If you have a cup of tea and the place you witness that becomes more beautiful as time passes how you feel. Obviously, rain has the power to offer the more at the time of traveling and if you are in Lonavala, then you should not believe your eyes. Seriously, I can promise on that because I witness it by my own.

This is a small city in the distance of 100 KM from Mumbai.  The roads are simply awesome. Tthe tunnel to everything that I pass, it gives me the add on experience that every crazy traveler wants.

All on an often, you find yourself in the middle of playing with clouds. At a moment, you think that weather is cleared butt in the very next moment the clouds get their preparation to drench you. You don’t believe my words, then experience it, really it is a fun to explore

How I can forget about Bhushi Dam. This is the most enjoyable moment. The water flow to everything makes your every moment not only memorable but when you remember the same, you can feel the thrill. My 2 days explore of the city is really fun-filling and nature gives me more. So, make your time really worthy and not forget to enjoy the rain, rain, and rain. 

You go to Lonavala and forget about Chikki how that possible. You get the various flavors and really a thing to give your tooth-buds.

I truly enjoy this trip with these sweet delights, wonderful weather, waterfalls that are naturally created all from the hill around the city and their awesome foods. I will miss it badly but time to say bye with a promise to come back very early.