The Incredible Diu

Traveling is the passion that makes you more thirsty for exploring the new places. I feel the same and start planning towards the Diu. You can go to the place from the Ahmadabad that is well-connected by road. If are going out of time, then Be A bird and take your flights without investing many times and energy. The city is the part of Diu district in the union territory of Daman and Diu, India. It welcomes you with various spots like Diu Fort, Fortress of Panikota, Nagoa Beach, St. Paul’s Church, Jallandhar Shrine, Gangeshwar Temple, Diu Museum, Ghoghla Beach and Gomtimata Beach for making this trip richer than your expectation.

Diu Fort is the place that is surrounded by sea in 3 sides, so the view it offers that can’t be described by words and on the fourth side you see the canal and through the way safety was taking care of by the Kings and Portuguese. Till, you can witness the same and feel the thrill. There, you find the vacant jail in the fort as well but as per the local people Diu is the crime free city, so you don’t be able to notice anyone in the Jail. Surely, it makes you happy and you start enjoying the trip more.

St. Paul’s Church is also a fabulous place that you should give a visit. Here you find some outstanding wooden works that make you overwhelmed. The nearby areas also offer you scenic treat because you suddenly start to feel that the place belongs to Portuguese. The small white houses make your trip more amazing and you can interact with them as well, they are much lovable people that I have ever meet in any of my trip.

Another place that I enjoy a lot that is Naida Caves. In every corner, you find something interesting and this is naturally made cave as per guide. Sometimes, you loss your ways and wait for your teammates or other traveler to get out of it. Don’t be scary, you own the different experience after going out of that and it makes your journey simply awesome. Don’t forget to include Jallandhar Shrine, Gangeshwar Temple and Diu Museum as the part of your trip.

Apart from that you can enjoy the beaches where many activities are waiting for you. Don’t forget to invest a day for enjoying the sea and riding bike here and there for having the best sea foods. As I am a non-vegetarian and a hardcore prawn lover, so I can’t describe how much I eat and relish something tastier than my expectation. You get many food joints that serve pure vegetarian as well where you get the flavor of Gujarat mostly along with different options. So, not to worry about anything, roam every corner and enjoy a city that is cleaned, lovable and peaceful.




Nainital – The Lake City

Nainital is the famous destination for Indian and foreigner both. It derives its name from the beautiful Naini Lake and this is the heart of the city as well. When you take your entry to the city, you can feel the smell and you witness with the right beautification when the lake welcomes you with open arm. Surely, you start feeling the attraction but there are lots of things that enhance your experience more happening. If you are a shopping lover or crazy about the Nightlife, then both are perfectly offered in the city.

Nainital Ropeway is the adventitious one that you shouldn’t miss. It connects Snow view point with Mallital. It takes less than 3 minutes to reach Snow view point. The stunning views of Nainital from a height of 2270 meters are something that you should experience and the memories you bag that can’t be described through words. Give yourself the gift of such charm and make your trip just awesome.

Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary also the place that awaits for you all natural lover. This is 12 KM from the Nainital and the journey all through the forest gives you the gift of the refreshing mind along with that, you can enjoy lovely bird photography. The chirping sounds make your journey even more exciting. So, if you are in the city, this is the place that you should go and enjoy the nature.

The view of the Lands End is good but scary.  You just feel amazed to see the scenic beauty of the khurpatal as well. But, be careful, a small mistake can be very dangerous. The name stands as that the hills end here, so it makes it more desirable to visit and you should enlist the name for exploring the city properly. High Altitude Zoo, Goddess Naina Devi and more are the places that you should go for giving the trip a complete feeling.

Food, shopping and more are also some areas that you should explore and make your trip awesome. Don’t forget to taste Momos those are really mouthwatering.

Kausani: The Dream Land In Uttarakhand

Roads are always attractive for all travelers but when it leads towards the Kausani, nothing can be more than this. The place is truly the real paradise in earth. Those adjectives give you the idea about the beauty of the place and you are starting to think about the breathtaking views the place has in their offers but truly you get more than your imagination. Himalayan peaks of Trishul, Nanda Devi and the Panchachuli become your friends and just enjoy their beauty from your hotel room as you are taking your breakfast or lunch. The blanket of pine trees enhances the beauty in another level. So, if still your eyes are not witnessed such beauty, then plan it first, you truly find something that will be unbelievable.

This is the great weekend gateway from Delhi. For getting to Kausani, the nearer airport is Pantnagar airport, about 170 km away. The nearest railway station is Kathgodam in a distance of 140 km away. Kausani is well-connected by road, so you get the easy option from the railways station or for airport and also this is easily accessible from destinations like Delhi (419 km), Almora (52 km) and Nainital (117 km).

Summer times are the best to know more about Kausani. So, plan your visit during April to June for making this trip the best one. The months of December to mid February has Kausani covered with sheets of snow.

The place serves many things for every type of travelers. Your mind becomes richer. If you are thinking for your honeymoon destination, then Kausani is the best choice, just go for a trip to the Switzerland of India. Nature rightly uses all the ingredients for creating the best one. The globetrotter can also engage in several activities like birding, photography, village walks or for the adventurous hiking. There, you find Tea Garden as well, so don’t miss that.

Local crafts are another things that you should not miss. The people have the best in their bags. So, check all and your wardrobe will fall in love with those collections, this is for sure.

Plans are on, then no more wait, just explore the beauty. Be A Bird wishes you a happy and safe journey.

Chandigarh – Independent India’s first planned city

Chandigarh is the famous tourist spot in India. It has the charm and when you reach to the place, you just wonder how one city can be so cool in terms of designs, cleanliness, traffic and more. This is in the distance of 243.5 KM from Delhi and the road condition is just awesome. At the same time, you must know the fact that the Chandigarh (designed by the French architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, popular as Le Corbusier) is the capital of Punjab and Haryana both. So, it is different from other cities and also the famous places like the Rose Garden and the Rock Garden give you some mesmerizing experiences. The calm and serene Chandigarh will surely attract you and completely change the view of the popular perception that cities are always noisy.

You witness a dense cover of green; forests, which provide sanctuary for various animal species, surround the city. Sukhna Lake offers the staying to variety of birds including migratory ones. Sports lovers know how the city works for its sportsman and India feels proud by their performances in the games like hockey, wrestling, cricket and many in the list. You should give your visit to the 12 km track was made in 1999 for hosting the Bicycle Safari and also the Punjab Cricket Association stadium at Mohali, Once, your trip includes these, you own some outstanding memories that can’t be forgotten.

You are in Punjab and not talking about food, how this is possible. The various food joints really give you some outstanding mouthwatering dishes whether that is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Eat piping-hot paranthas with thela chai at the Sector 17 bus stand for some desi feels. Shopping experiences can be also owned as per your pocket. You can get things from the markets at the cost next to nothing and also there are lots of shopping malls that wait for you to offer the new trendy branded cloths. So, just bag the best things and fulfill all your desire while traveling one place. What more can be better of this. Weekend is enough for exploring the city if you are from Delhi, Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand and the people come from the east or other zone, they should invest one day to have the best memories from this place.

All through this trip, you enjoy the romanticism blended with practicality. So, make your plan as per your desire and the face of this city has something that forces you to fall in love with this place. Enjoy the place and Be A Bird is waiting to hear you from.

Lansdowne – The Mesmerizing Hill

Being a traveler I do love the unspoiled hill, so Lansdowne is my best choice among others. You can enjoy driving towards the place from Delhi. This owns the beauty differently and the surprising charm attracts me more. Reaching to the place is quite comfortable as this is well-connected by roads. The unexplored and underrated hill station is the part of Garhwal district in Uttarakhand state. When I visit this hill, I just love the peaceful tranquility.  What happen? You Just feel the excitement of traveling the place, then it is highly important that you get the idea about the different hidden gems that you should visit. Worried from where you get that! Here is the complete assistance for you.

You should visit Bhullatal Lake, the well maintained serene lake made and it is taking care by Indian Army. You get the best atmosphere and the ample boating facilities make the spot more charming and the reason of reaching visitors. Tip N Top has the small hilltop viewpoint for watching the complete skyline, Shivalik range, panoramic Garhwal hills with majestic Himalayan range. You just feel the madness, then just imagine when you explore the places like Darwan Singh Regimental Museum, St. John’s Church, Kanvashram, Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple and more how the magic works. The stunning scenery all around the time of Jungle safaris and trek are something that I can’t describe in words, just go for it.

The soothing and salubrious climate of this region also helps the hill to make it more attractive towards a good number of people for visiting and spending their holidays here. Lansdowne is considered a treasure trove of romance and scenic beauty. So, your trip will be much richer than your thinking. All over your traveling, you surely love yourself for considering the place as your destination and don’t forget to share your memories with Be a Bird.

Nahan -The Wonder Town in Himachal Pradesh

Hills are always the best place for enjoying vacations. If you are a mountain lover but overcrowded places are not your choice, then time is to explore Nahan. This is in the distance of 250.5 KM from Delhi. All you need, just take your car and enjoy the ride for experiencing nature’s treat along with the royal past.

You should start your journey with the Renuka Lake that is 38 KM away from the Nahan. This is not only the largest natural lake in Himachal but also you just love to see the lake for its shape. You surely find of a reclining woman, and hence is considered a personification of goddess Renuka. The lake offers shelters for the many fishes and other aquatic beings. Are you the Boating lover? Not to worry, you can enjoy the same as the lake allows their visitors to enjoy the ride and your kids get introduced with many animals through their mini zoo. You will be witnessed another lake dedicated to the son of the goddess, Lord Parshuram, is present in the neighbourhood. The place also have Suketi Fossil Park, Jaggannath Temple and adventurous activities like Trekking, Fishing and more. In one place you explore everything.

The people of Nahan is delightful and you can feel the charm of their goodness. Their lifestyle and their beliefs truly impress you a lot. You feel their traditions and practices easily that are carried by the locals. The festivals, the events, the attractions, all reflect the culture of Nahan in one way or the other. You must love the foods as well and as per the staying option is concerned, there are lots of hotels that offer you the hospitality. All you just need to do, just be ready for having some awesome memories and make your travel diaries more happening.

Are you ready for the trip? Just enjoy the tour and don’t forget to share your experience with Be A Bird.




Kolkata – The Place for Rich Traveling Expeerience

My home city is Kolkata, obvious my love towards it is little bit more. But, this is true that you can feel the joy once you take your entry to the city. Culture, tradition and humanity all those things are something that you find in Kolkata.

You have your tickets booked, then surely you are going to witness some amazing times. You should spend your time in the Garer Math and how you can forget to taste Phuchka (Golgappa). Surely tourist spots like Victoria Memorial Hall, Eden Gardens, Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Howrah Bridge and more should be the placed you should explore. But, Hooghly Bridge at the time of Sunset, College Street Coffee House for enjoying the time and feel the real Kolkata, should be something you need to enlist in your traveling book for having some awesome time.

Don’t forget to witness to be the part of the cultural activities. The places like NandanGirish Mancha and more where the cultural people join there hands for making an evening full of drama, music, dance. So, the real face of that part should be something that give you the feeling how much rich we all Indians are. We have the real gems with us, no one is able to get that back from ourselves. Your tour will get the right ending when these will be witnessed. 

How foolish I am! You go to Kolkata and I am not talking about any food. From sweets to vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are just awesome and when you relish the same, the flavors surely enhance to eat more. You should try the arsenal biryani and also give your visit to the Aaheli – Authentic Bengali Cuisine Restaurant, The Bhoj Company for having the best Bengali food.

Once, all  those things will be witnessed properly, your journey towards the city will get the real experience. If you manage to get more times, then Digha, Sunderbans along with the same Historical Place like Murshidabad, Malda, you should enlist in your travel plan. These place will create more wow feelings to your travelling diary. Always remember that Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal, so the state has more to offer. Believe that these input you to make the plan perfect. Enjoy your trip and if you want to know more from me, then just leave your comments, I will be happy to assist you.