Rakhigarhi: The Best Trip Ever

History gives us the real picture and as I have the passion to it, so I love to travel those places where Ancestors have many things to tell. We can Understand how brilliant they were. Once, New year was just at our door, we planned for a drive and Rakhigarhi was the destination. It is theĀ village in Hisar District in the state of Haryana and just 150 kilometers far from the northwest of Delhi.

The road has the smell of real village and the faces of children have many questions to ask. But, we can’t stop our car because of the attraction towards the place much higher. Drive with food never be so excited. It is the place of a pre-Indus Valley Civilisation settlement and going back to about 6500 BCE. Later, it was also part of the maturedĀ Indus Valley Civilisation, timing to 2600-1900 BCE.

The place has their proposed museum and it is needed to maintain properly. As you reach the place, you come to know about various stories and you get to know how they cooked, the ornaments they used, their daily activities and more things. If you think these are stories only, then drop the idea because they have the proof and archeology department also gives their stamps on it. But, really we need to be quick on feet and Government should speed up their work.