Amazing Winter Short Trips from Delhi

Traveling in winter is the best idea. You just relish the best food, have fun on road and most importantly you will be never tired. You may think that what should be my plans in coming December, then here is Be A Bird that assists you the best trip, no matter which part you are in India.


Do your plan today for the Rajasthan that waits for you with the best weather, desert, lake and more. When you spend your nights on the sand, the experiences you bag that will be something outstanding that your expectation. Rich cultural and shopping experiences will be also there. So, pack your bag today and go to the Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Udaipur, Jaipur for mesmerizing feelings.

Manali – The Hill Queen

The one that you should go in this winter that is Manali, the best hill station in North India. No matter you want to do a family holiday or planning for the honeymoon or just feeling crazy to do the adventure trail, you get here everything.  So, thinking for more will be meaningless, just reserve your hotel today or making the sweetest memories.

You may also experience the places like NainitalChandigarh and more in the list. If any needed is required to plan your next trip, then drop a message, surely our team will give you the best suggestion as per your traveling preferences. 


Kasauli – The Ideal Tourist Destination for the Travelers

Kasauli is the best dense woody destination for all travelers. You find it in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. Its natural appeal is just fantastic and in the attraction of that, travelers reach to this destination in numbers. The snow clad mountains, opaque forests and verdant foliage give the perfect beauty of this hill station.

It is at the distance of 287.9 KM from Delhi. I prefer to this place by driving the car and believe me the road of the 5 hours 27 minutes just go like a bullet train. I love the way nature represents himself. Really had a great time and when reaching to the hotel, it just welcomes with a big smile and scenic beauty simply wow, can’t be described through words.

Monkey Point is the highest peak of the town of Kasauli and the first destination of mine in that city. Really, after crossing many stairs, I reach to the place, just love it. I get a complete view of the plains of Chandigarh region and beauty of the river. The temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman is also part of that point and time really flies here.

Enjoying mall road is also a fun activity for me because many local people show their creativity in the shape of things. Explore those along with the local food makes my day really awesome.

Sunset Point & lover’s lane is also a place to explore. The very quiet spot gives you the experience of the sunset, pine-laid landscapes, valleys and sceneries. Nearby to the place, you find a path known as the Lover’s Lane. Seriously, spending time while walking through the valleys in something that enriches the experiences.

In a word, I spent the best times and capture the best moments in my life. Love to visit again.

Mountains – My First Love

Beaches and mountain both have secrets in them but I can feel more about the mountain. When I go and feel the silence seriously, it makes me thrilled. I can spend the whole night just sitting idle and feel the same. So, as a traveler, I love to go and explore the stone world and its beauty.

A study proves the if you are the mountain lover, then it proves that you want to be in you. I don’t agree with the same, here are some of my reasons for which I love the height and be cool.

There are no social sites that can disturb me. You don’t get any wifi zone and free from the work where you live with more stress. There is nothing like political agendas, style, tabloids and more. So, I just enjoy this presentation of life.

The views you earn that can’t be described in words. You see the world where nature takes the time to draw. So, I love to make myself rich and enjoy my holidays.

Along with that the accessibility to the workout, everything you can do without restricting yourself in the fixed routine.

Share the Happiness Exclusively with You

Traveling with groups gives you the experience that is interesting one but you can bag more than that while traveling solo. Don’t believe that, then today just sit and make your plan. After that the experience you own that will be more interesting than anything else. Safety concerns, loneliness and the dreaded single supplement bother you for not making the plan, then there are more reasons to go for a trip with yourself.

As you are alone, so activities are controlled by your mind. If you think the time is to walk on the road, no mater that is night 11 or what, you just do that, no one is there to stop you. It gives you the push.

Your mistakes are your own, and your triumphs all the more exciting. Suddenly, you start feeling that the day is yours, there is nobody, even not your partner who can ruin your plan of trekking or desire to relish the local food sitting among them.

You take your treatment in Spa, nobody is there to stop you. I as a traveler love to spend time in pool and follow other relaxing ways but you love to do party, loud music, lots of foods and more in the list. So, it is the best way make your plans with yourself and enjoyment is on the air.

But, safety is the key for any traveler. So, carry good identification, Keep to open and public places, especially at night and your staying options should be perfect. Make sure about those and enjoy your trip in your own term.

The Reasons of Traveling More

Most of us love to fly. No matter you are traveler or not but when you take a look at the sky, once in a life everyone of us thinks if I fly high above it!  You think the same several times, then surely a traveler is there in yourself. Still, you think that moving here and there is a time wastage, then this post is for you! 🙂

  • Travel helps you to improve your problem-solving skills.
  • Stress is the word that will never be encountered with you if you travel more.
  • Couples who travel together have reported increased feelings of intimacy.
  • Researches tell that the money you invest in traveling that gives you more happiness compare to those that you spend for owning goods and more.
  • Your creativity gets the right goal.
  • Taking a vacation can lower your risk of heart disease.

Lots of other reasons are there in the list. But, these 6 causes are enough for making your travel plans.