Corbett During Monsoon: The Best Travel Idea

Corbett, the park offers you the best wild life. So, when you are thinking to go there and pull your legs in thinking of rain, then just forget all those and go ahead for exploring the beauty of nature. It can be possible the wild lover may disappoint as part remains close but nature lover has the heaven here. Trees to every thing just have been drenched and you love the beauty that you get from it. Surely, it sounds perfect to me at the time I was planning to go and packed my car.


As a traveler, I feel lucky myself that I stay in Delhi because wekkends are enough to go there and take a break from the usual routine. The entire road trip gives me more in the shape of nature and Dhabas take care of my tastes. So, believe me I feel the best that can’t be described through words but when you take the trip, you surely understand that how much excited I was.


First and most benefit that I earn through the visiting Corbett during monsoon is that the tourists can explore the park which is free from the rush. yes, you have heard it right, this time you find few people are roaming, so the enjoyment is just at its peak. The undisturbed excursion among the tranquil woods of the park and exploration of exotic flora and fauna species gratify the tourists like nothing other. Along with the same, I enjoy really the cut-rate and attractive packages that aren’t available during the months other than those of monsoon.


I can feel the new life in everything that rain renders. The water in lakes and ponds of the park fill up with the brim and animals get lots of water to quench their thirst. So, I am able to see more animals in their playful and vibrant mood. But, tigers are not in the mood to face me, so they just enjoy their home and I enjoy my vacation.


I enjoy different activities here as these are still on for the tourists during the rain as well. The activity of rafting is something that I really enjoy and during this time really like the Kosi River. Both elephant and jeep safari are something that you should not miss. In a word, the whole package comes to you in the best box and I really love this.


Therefore, the enjoyment and memories I gather those are just awesome and love to go there again for enjoying the natural treat to activities and more.



The Incredible Diu

Traveling is the passion that makes you more thirsty for exploring the new places. I feel the same and start planning towards the Diu. You can go to the place from the Ahmadabad that is well-connected by road. If are going out of time, then Be A bird and take your flights without investing many times and energy. The city is the part of Diu district in the union territory of Daman and Diu, India. It welcomes you with various spots like Diu Fort, Fortress of Panikota, Nagoa Beach, St. Paul’s Church, Jallandhar Shrine, Gangeshwar Temple, Diu Museum, Ghoghla Beach and Gomtimata Beach for making this trip richer than your expectation.

Diu Fort is the place that is surrounded by sea in 3 sides, so the view it offers that can’t be described by words and on the fourth side you see the canal and through the way safety was taking care of by the Kings and Portuguese. Till, you can witness the same and feel the thrill. There, you find the vacant jail in the fort as well but as per the local people Diu is the crime free city, so you don’t be able to notice anyone in the Jail. Surely, it makes you happy and you start enjoying the trip more.

St. Paul’s Church is also a fabulous place that you should give a visit. Here you find some outstanding wooden works that make you overwhelmed. The nearby areas also offer you scenic treat because you suddenly start to feel that the place belongs to Portuguese. The small white houses make your trip more amazing and you can interact with them as well, they are much lovable people that I have ever meet in any of my trip.

Another place that I enjoy a lot that is Naida Caves. In every corner, you find something interesting and this is naturally made cave as per guide. Sometimes, you loss your ways and wait for your teammates or other traveler to get out of it. Don’t be scary, you own the different experience after going out of that and it makes your journey simply awesome. Don’t forget to include Jallandhar Shrine, Gangeshwar Temple and Diu Museum as the part of your trip.

Apart from that you can enjoy the beaches where many activities are waiting for you. Don’t forget to invest a day for enjoying the sea and riding bike here and there for having the best sea foods. As I am a non-vegetarian and a hardcore prawn lover, so I can’t describe how much I eat and relish something tastier than my expectation. You get many food joints that serve pure vegetarian as well where you get the flavor of Gujarat mostly along with different options. So, not to worry about anything, roam every corner and enjoy a city that is cleaned, lovable and peaceful.



Nainital – The Lake City

Nainital is the famous destination for Indian and foreigner both. It derives its name from the beautiful Naini Lake and this is the heart of the city as well. When you take your entry to the city, you can feel the smell and you witness with the right beautification when the lake welcomes you with open arm. Surely, you start feeling the attraction but there are lots of things that enhance your experience more happening. If you are a shopping lover or crazy about the Nightlife, then both are perfectly offered in the city.

Nainital Ropeway is the adventitious one that you shouldn’t miss. It connects Snow view point with Mallital. It takes less than 3 minutes to reach Snow view point. The stunning views of Nainital from a height of 2270 meters are something that you should experience and the memories you bag that can’t be described through words. Give yourself the gift of such charm and make your trip just awesome.

Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary also the place that awaits for you all natural lover. This is 12 KM from the Nainital and the journey all through the forest gives you the gift of the refreshing mind along with that, you can enjoy lovely bird photography. The chirping sounds make your journey even more exciting. So, if you are in the city, this is the place that you should go and enjoy the nature.

The view of the Lands End is good but scary.  You just feel amazed to see the scenic beauty of the khurpatal as well. But, be careful, a small mistake can be very dangerous. The name stands as that the hills end here, so it makes it more desirable to visit and you should enlist the name for exploring the city properly. High Altitude Zoo, Goddess Naina Devi and more are the places that you should go for giving the trip a complete feeling.

Food, shopping and more are also some areas that you should explore and make your trip awesome. Don’t forget to taste Momos those are really mouthwatering.