Somnath – The Place to Travel

My next destination that I really enjoy the best that is Somnath. As I have reached here through bus from Dwarka, so a little bit tired. Firstly, take my rest and at around 10 AM I start exploring the city. The beauty of Somnath Mandir is the place that can’t be described in words. First, half an hour, I just sit on a bench and keep watching it. The sea is also awesome and I just think once, if God still lives on earth, then this is the place. Seriously, you can feel the same.

There are many places to explore locally. Just take cab and half day trip introduces us many places. When you have the local people with you, then the stories will be more cleared and the information you learn that is meaningless. You can give a visit to the Gir as well but as I don’t have enough time, so I avoid the place.

No matter where you go but the evening and morning AArti is something that you shouldn’t avoid. It is mesmerizing and the way I feel it that is really outstanding.

Costing of staying and food in Somnath is really equivalent to nothing. There you find the Somnath Trust, just walk in the office and book your room. If you go for the breakfast, lunch or dinner, it will be less than Rs. 100, per meal. Yes, you have heard it right. So, if still, you don’t have the experience of traveling the place, then you make your plan and enjoy the trip.

You need any help, then ask for the same to Be A Bird and information will be in your bag.


Days in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is now a Union Territory town bounded by the southeastern Tamil Nadu state but until 1954, this is a French colonial settlement in India. So, when you visit this place, you can feel the same. At the same time, Sri Aurobindo Ashram makes it different in terms of culture and more. I love this place for its cleanliness, the approach of the city and the way it maintains everything.

In the first day, Pondicherry Museum, Botanical Garden, Promenade, Auroville and more are the tourist attractions. You can visit all in a day trip. You can hire the bike and enjoy the ride where sea roads are just mesmerizing. Sometimes, you love to stop and feel the thrill. The greenery and traffic rules everything is so much impressive that riding becomes fun. Each of the spots will enhance the experience and till every spending time creates more desire to take the ride for the next place. A visit to the French Colony – Pondicherry is also the recommended one.

The trip in this city is only for 2 days. Seriously, it is very short but my next visit will be very soon where I invest most of the times in sea beaches. Really, the time is perfectly spent and I will definitely share my second visit with you all very soon. So, stay tuned with Be A bird.

Travel Emotions that You Experience During the Trip

Planning of a trip gives you lots of memories. It may be a day or days excursions but you go through the various emotions before, during and after your adventure. Surely, you go to a beach or mountain, you have gone through the below emotions.
Surely, excitement becomes your friend nowadays while traveling or making the plan for that. Crazy things are happening automatically and you don’t have the control on you. It means that you enjoy this state and waiting for more that is on its path to comes as per the times spent.

Anticipation can be both a good thing and a bad thing. While you just getting the things organized, you feel confused and you keep checking the things again and again. At the same time, you often find yourself daydreaming about all the great things that will happen to you while you’re away. So, for making yourself free from every worry, you start to list all the things you need to do before your trip like a good pair of hiking boots,  exchange money, pack, and so much more.

Joy  is waiting for you in your traveling destination. Just imagine you choose the place for its nature, food, culture and more and when you explore it how you feel. So, make yourself rich with all those emotions and Be A Bird wishes you Happy Traveling.



The Interesting Facts about India

India is the richest country in every parameter. Nature is also favorable for us. From Mountains of Jammu and Kashmir to the blissful beaches of Goa, the deserts of Rajasthan to the tea plantations of Kerala and the metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, everything makes it different and special. I am just hand-picked of some that make our country more charming and give you the reasons to take breaks from your boring days.

Tea has been growing to our country for centuries before British began its commercial cultivation.

White tigers are only here among the Indian tigers.

The state of Meghalaya is the wettest place on earth

Have you seen the floating post office? No experience you have like that, then Dal Lake, Srinagar waits for you where you find the same.

Bandra Worli Sealink, the true engineering and architectural marvel has steel wires equal to the earth’s circumference.

At an altitude of 2,444 meters, you find the Cricket Ground in Chail, Himachal Pradesh which is the highest in the world.

The Punnathoor Cotta Elephant Yard Rejuvenation Centre in Kerala is the only place where elephants get their spa.

No doubt, these are very few but each of them is unique and if you specifically ask me, I love to explore each of them those I still don’t experience. What you think about these facts, don’t forget to share the same with Be A Bird!

Share the Happiness Exclusively with You

Traveling with groups gives you the experience that is interesting one but you can bag more than that while traveling solo. Don’t believe that, then today just sit and make your plan. After that the experience you own that will be more interesting than anything else. Safety concerns, loneliness and the dreaded single supplement bother you for not making the plan, then there are more reasons to go for a trip with yourself.

As you are alone, so activities are controlled by your mind. If you think the time is to walk on the road, no mater that is night 11 or what, you just do that, no one is there to stop you. It gives you the push.

Your mistakes are your own, and your triumphs all the more exciting. Suddenly, you start feeling that the day is yours, there is nobody, even not your partner who can ruin your plan of trekking or desire to relish the local food sitting among them.

You take your treatment in Spa, nobody is there to stop you. I as a traveler love to spend time in pool and follow other relaxing ways but you love to do party, loud music, lots of foods and more in the list. So, it is the best way make your plans with yourself and enjoyment is on the air.

But, safety is the key for any traveler. So, carry good identification, Keep to open and public places, especially at night and your staying options should be perfect. Make sure about those and enjoy your trip in your own term.

The Pretty Spectacular Mandvi

The small but glowing landscape makes the Mandvi incredible and different from others. It is in the Kutch, Gujarat region. The beaches are something that don’t allow you to be in the hotel. After having the experience of Kutch, I have reached to the place and when I see the offering of the nature, my madness gets the direction. I am there in the Month of October and that is the time when the place has the beauty in its best and it continues still march.

I give a day to the beach. Just enjoy the water, ride and more in its bag. Water is really cold and cool. Don’t forget to take the foot massage with cool sea water that is the treat that nature offers while you walk along the soft sand.

When you drive through the city, you must find the Ship Building Yard which Mandvi is famous for. You can stop here and try climbing one of those ships under works. Is not something that is differently cool? Yes! I find that also and believe me each moment gives me a lot good experiences that even I can’t brief you in these words.

Vijay Vilas Palace is the another spot that makes Mandvi more beautiful. If you are a Bollywood movie lover, then it seems to you that this is something you have seen before. Actually, this is the palace that is used the famous movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. You find here antique furniture and their love towards hunting. You may be scared to see the tigers and all, don’t worry those are models. 🙂 You can choose the place as your staying option and enjoy the private beach but for that you have to spend little more.

Pandit Shyamji Krishna Verma’s memorial is also a great place to explore. Here, I am pleased to know the freedom fighter even more closure and in the way, the presentation is done that is appreciable. Time I have spent here that helps me to own knowledge and satisfaction and make my memories more wiser than my expectation.

Your traveling will be incomplete if you don’t take your meal from Osho. The place where the restaurant is situated that is not impressive one but when you get the food, you just ask yourself is that possible relishing that much of mouthwatering food, that to be in Rs. 110? And the best part is their hospitality. If you don’t want to repeat again, then the server becomes sad. The thali is rich with the street food as well, so not to worry, you get everything.

Really, my travel diary, Be A Bird gets the right treat from that place.


Dwarka – The Devbhoomi

The peace Dwarka has it can’t be described in words. As I take my entry to the city, I start recreating through my mind’s eye a city of gold – Dwarka, the mesmerizing kingdom of Lord Krishna. The Saurashtra peninsula has many reasons to visit. The place is considered both one of the four principal holy places (char dham) and also the seven ancient towns (sapta puris) to visit. For that same, I also love to be part of the millions of pilgrims and historical scholars that visit the place and feel the magic and plan my trip to the city.

Dwarkadeesh Temple is my first destination. The temple has the history of over 2500 years and this Chalukya style of architecture is a temple that dedicated to Lord Krishna. The grand and marvelous five storied main shrine tells you everything in itself and needs no further highlights. After opening the door when the black magnificent idol of Lord Krishna appears that feels me the present of the Lord and that is the moment I really start thinking how much blessed I am for experiencing something really great. In the distance of 1 KM, I find the beautiful beach and spend my time for a while.

In the next day, I make my plan for the Beyt Dwarka. This is a small island and I take my boat ride from Okha Jetty that is 30 KM from Dwarka. After the rise, I take almost 700 meters walk and reach to the Dwarkadhish temple at Bet-Dwarka. This is the place that is considered as the residence of Lord Krishna and shoes, cameras and Mobile phones, everything needs to be deposited. The place really gives me the best memories and some feelings that you need to experience.

Rukmini Mata Mandir, Sage Durvasa, Nageshwar Shiva Temple and Gopi Talav also make my travel diary becomes really enriched.

For the local sightseeing, there are options for private bus trips where you go to the each place with a team and enjoy the trip interacting with each other or you may go for the same through private cab as well. The place is really awesome and foods to local people, everything I find awesome. My trip gives me more and leave the place with the hope to travel again in the near future.