Jodhpur-The Blue City

After saying a tearful goodbye to Jaisalmer, we went to  Jodhpur.

The first place we explored that was Mehrangarh Fort. Inside the Fort, we saw guns, swords, cannons etc of that time. The perfect set-up of TOG was witnessed at the entrance of the Fort. We saw the entire blue city from the top of the Mehrangarh  Fort. That was an excellent place for clicking photos and getting memories. Then we went to Jaswant Thada. There while we all were praying to God, I felt that anyone entered me. I couldn’t believe, we were just meeting with the famous Indian singer Ill Arun. It was a wonderful moment and her humble nature was truly impressive.

The next day, we visited the Umaid Bhawan Palace. It is set in twenty-six acres and of which fifteen are garden. It took half a  million donkey loads of earth for the garden beds, a hundred wagon-loads of Makarna marble, two-and-a-half million Quintals of ice, a million meters of steel conducts, fifteen thousand running feet of copper and lead wire weighing two hundred tons, an electric network of 2500 KW of the main palace along a three hundred ton compressor for the air conditioning plant. The entire project cost was Rs. 94,51,565 at that time. Seriously, I got to know various interesting factors and the exhibition of the vintage car was also the zone I never forgot. Surely, the same is for each of us. Then we went to the guest house and did the lunch. Then we set out to Rohtak and stayed a night there. The next day, we returned Delhi. This was an end of our epic journey to Bikaner, Jaisalmer, and Jodhpur.

I have the best trip ever in my life. Surely, waiting for the next family trip that my parents are going to offer.


A Visit to Jaisalmer – Mayukh’s Experience

The most exciting moment was there when we have reached Jaisalmer at night. Times didn’t allow us to move here and there. So, took our dinner and a fantastic night nap. The day way ended.

The next day we went to golden fort. It was made up of sandstone interlocked with each other which glittered in the sun and make it look like real gold. There we brought some a batches. Also, we saw Baa-r-ki haveli, Jain Temple, Hindu temple and king’s throne. Then, we went to Sam Sand Dunes. On the way, we visited Kuldhara, the most haunted village in India. There were ambonded houses and scary things spread all over the place. The guard said that sometimes paranormal activities happen there. We were all stunned to here that. After taking some courage, we went on and directly reached at the pre-booked camp of Sam Sand Dunes. In the evening, we did the Jeep safari that came to us with different activities like 90 degree fall and more. We also did parachute driving except my mom because she is afraid doing such things. After that, we watched sunset and returned to camp. There we heard the folk songs and also we saw a woman dancing on swords and pins, a man playing with fire and rotating a cycle tyre through his different body parts. The camp made us feel a king for a day and literally I had enjoyed a lot.

As the night was over, we had more to explore. We did the camel safari and watched the sunrise. The feeling can’t be described through words. Time was not allowed us to spend an hour more. So, after doing the breakfast, we all said a goodbye to Jaisalmer with heavy hearts.

Bikaner – Trip of Rich Memories – Through the Words of My Son

Our journey started from Delhi. It was an excited one for me. First, we went to Rohtak and stay there the night for bagging wonderful memories. The next day we started our epic journey to Bikaner, Jaisalmer, and Jodhpur.

First stop for us was Bikaner and I was introduced to this historical place. I saw the Junagarh Fort, the only fort situated on the plain area. It was rich with different antique things and Diwan-E-Aam, Diwan-E-Khaas, world war 1 airplane etc attract me a lot and didn’t allow me to leave the place.

You must admit the fact that moving was a need and so we left the place after taking our meal in the restaurant situated in the fort.

Keep following the blog to know more about this trip.

Rakhigarhi: The Best Trip Ever

History gives us the real picture and as I have the passion to it, so I love to travel those places where Ancestors have many things to tell. We can Understand how brilliant they were. Once, New year was just at our door, we planned for a drive and Rakhigarhi was the destination. It is the village in Hisar District in the state of Haryana and just 150 kilometers far from the northwest of Delhi.

The road has the smell of real village and the faces of children have many questions to ask. But, we can’t stop our car because of the attraction towards the place much higher. Drive with food never be so excited. It is the place of a pre-Indus Valley Civilisation settlement and going back to about 6500 BCE. Later, it was also part of the matured Indus Valley Civilisation, timing to 2600-1900 BCE.

The place has their proposed museum and it is needed to maintain properly. As you reach the place, you come to know about various stories and you get to know how they cooked, the ornaments they used, their daily activities and more things. If you think these are stories only, then drop the idea because they have the proof and archeology department also gives their stamps on it. But, really we need to be quick on feet and Government should speed up their work.

Welcoming New Year Through Traveling

2018 should be perfect that is the hope for every person on the earth. Surely, you are not exceptional from that. So, make your plan today what you want to and as per the budget, things to do and more you can choose your destination. Don’t forget to consider how much days you can invest in that because all those things needed to be perfect for making your trip awesome. Want to know how you organize the thing, then here the tips are:

Fix your destination

As per your area of interest, you should pick the best place for yourself. Just imagine you are the adventure lover but the destination you choose that has no activities like that, then it makes you bored. So, know your needs and then plan the things.

Stying options

You have to book in advance where you should stay. If you are a solo traveler or going with a group of your family or friends, this is the thing to be fixed before reaching there. So, do the research hard and as per your preference, you should reserve your seat.

Plan days

Everyone has to be limited as per their travel days. So, it is highly important that you restrict yourself on the daily basis where you should go and how to do the party hard. You are the traveler who just wants to float as per the time, then surely you throw yourself at the destination and do whatever you want to do and give the grand welcome to the new year.

Once, you have fixed all the things, surely you have the best days coming. Now, time is to enjoyyyyy.

The Wonders wait for you

Seas have the beauty that you can’t find anywhere else. And if that is Puri, Oddisa, then what to talk about. This is the place where my hunger to travel the experience something the best will be fulfilled and at the same time, whereas that is Gopalpur beach or Konark & Chilika, each has the power to attract you more and more. How I can forget to share the beauty of Puri Mandir where Jagannath, Baladeva, and Subhadra give you the peace that is the desire. Each time that passes at Mandir, it is precious than anything else. 

Sun temple and its history and the way to Bhubaneswar will surely give you the best memories. Actually, my family trip there is just awesome and the beaches, Zoo, Udyaigiri and Khandagiri caves enhance the experience of traveling. Although, this is not my first travel to Puri but everytime, when I enjoy the time of boat in Chilka or explore the beaches or caves, there are wonders that wait for me.

If you are searching for the budget travel, then also this place fulfills your desire. The cost of the hotel to food, everything is within your reach. If you want some recommendation from us, then just drop a message, I really love to assist you.

At the same time, Be A Bird is waiting for you to hear your traveling experience there. So, surely, drop your comment and share pictures with us, so that more people who are thinking to travel, then just enjoy the same. If you are thinking to travel Kolkata, then also add this 3 days trip with that for more to have in a single vacation.

Amazing Winter Short Trips from Delhi

Traveling in winter is the best idea. You just relish the best food, have fun on road and most importantly you will be never tired. You may think that what should be my plans in coming December, then here is Be A Bird that assists you the best trip, no matter which part you are in India.


Do your plan today for the Rajasthan that waits for you with the best weather, desert, lake and more. When you spend your nights on the sand, the experiences you bag that will be something outstanding that your expectation. Rich cultural and shopping experiences will be also there. So, pack your bag today and go to the Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Udaipur, Jaipur for mesmerizing feelings.

Manali – The Hill Queen

The one that you should go in this winter that is Manali, the best hill station in North India. No matter you want to do a family holiday or planning for the honeymoon or just feeling crazy to do the adventure trail, you get here everything.  So, thinking for more will be meaningless, just reserve your hotel today or making the sweetest memories.

You may also experience the places like NainitalChandigarh and more in the list. If any needed is required to plan your next trip, then drop a message, surely our team will give you the best suggestion as per your traveling preferences.